Introduction to Dangerous Goods

Online Dangerous Goods Awareness Category 8 Staff

This course is an introduction to Dangerous Goods Awareness for drivers and handlers. It is based on the IATA Dangerous Goods manual and gives a good overview of Dangerous Goods and what to do in the event of an incident.
Duration: 4 hours
Online & Classroom
Course Overview

Any person that deals with dangerous goods must have ‘sufficient’ training as to the dangers of such goods. This also includes drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods outside the scope of ADR regulations.

Key areas covered in Dangerous Goods Awareness:

  • ADR Regulations and Scope
  • Dangerous Goods Classes and their Hazards
  • Labelling of Packages
  • Packing Groups and Transport Categories
  • Courses are held at clients premises and usually last for 1/2 day.

These courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements