Aviation ground security officer

The aviation ground security officers course is an introduction for new employees involved in aviation security functions and covers area that all aviation ground security officers must be trained in to enable them to work within the aviation security industry.

The course can be tailored to meet different requirements and different job specifications. The full course consists of 22 modules.

  • The Threat to Aviation
  • Objectives and Organisations of Aviation Security
  • Security Communications
  • Response to Security Incidents
  • Legal Powers, Role of the Police and Incident Reporting
  • Maintaining Effective Security
  • General Security Awareness
  • Restricted Zone (RZ) Access Control and Security
  • Controlling Access to Aircraft
  • Preparing People for Security Checks
  • Recognition of Firearms, Explosives and Incendiary Devices (RFX) and Dangerous Goods
  • Using X-Ray Equipment
  • Conventional X-Ray
  • Advanced Cabin Baggage X-Ray (ACBX)
  • Explosive Detection systems (EDS)
  • Goods X-Ray Equipment
  • Threat Image projection (TIP)
  • Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) Equipment
  • Liquids Testing Equipment
  • Walk through Metal Detectors (WTMD’s) and Hand held Metal Detectors (HHMD’s)
  • Searching Vehicles, People, Baggage and Items
  • Searching / Checking Aircraft and Guarding

Course Presentation: Power Point, Course Handout Book, Practical + Theory

Full Course Duration: Full course duration to read 8-10 days depending on client requirements

Assessment: Written Test

Qualification: Aviation Security officers Certificate detailing modules delivered

Course Fee: On Application


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