Aviation ground security supervisor

The aviation ground supervisor’s course is for candidates involved in aviation security supervisory and is designed to inform delegates of the standards required of their staff, the best ways in achieving and maintaining these standards and the correct procedural requirements.

All candidates must have completed the Aviation ground security officer course and hold the relevant certificate.

Course content:

  • The Role of The Supervisor
  • Responding to a Security Incident
  • Suspect and Prohibited Articles
  • Using Technology
  • X-Ray Equipment
  • Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) Equipment
  • Liquid Testing Equipment
  • Walk Through Metal Detectors (WTMD’s) Advance Wald through metal Detectors (AWTMD’s) and hand held metal Detectors 9HHMD’s)
  • Searching People, Vehicles, Baggage and Items
  • Searching and Guarding Aircraft

Course Presentation: Power Point, Course Handout Book, Practical + Theory

Full Course: Full course duration to read 3 – 5 days providing the ground security officers course has been completed Aviation Ground Security Officers + Aviation Ground Supervisors: Course duration 10 days

Assessment: Pre Course Assessment followed by Final Written Test

Qualification: Aviation Security Supervisors Certificate detailing modules delivered

Course Fee: On Application


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