3 Tips for Keeping Your Best Employees


Keeping your best employees is not easy these days. The workplace is evolving, and job-hopping is common practice for millennials. In this blog post, you will learn 3 tips for keeping your best employees.


  1. Hire the right people

It all begins with hiring the right person for the right position. Job descriptions should be comprehensive and updated frequently. Those doing the hiring will need to assess job candidates thoroughly and make sure they have the skills and personality to cope with the job and fit in with the culture of the company.

If you’re in the service industry, you should hire employees who understand what service entails and enjoy it. If you’re hiring for supervisory or managerial positions, it’s crucial to hire trained professionals as this will decrease job turnover. If you’re looking for part-time employees, partnering with universities and colleges can help you to find top-quality candidates.


  1. Offer them benefits

Companies that offer the most benefits to their employees are more likely to keep them. Many surveys reveal that health benefits are most important, followed by retirement funds. With the costs of healthcare rising, a strong employee health benefit plan is essential to recruit top talent.

Wellness programs offer health information and help employees to understand more about their health risk factors and make positive changes. This can improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Employers that offer generous paid off-time avoid burnout and retain their employees more successfully. Employees appreciate the possibility to take a break without being punished. Many employees value this more than a higher salary! Other important benefits are performance bonuses, paternity/maternity leave and flexible work hours.


  1.  Show them opportunities

If employees feel as though they have hit a wall or don’t see a future within the company, they will look for better opportunities elsewhere. If you enable them to acquire more skills and progress in their careers, they are far more likely to remain loyal.

Career development prospects and mentorship are attractive to the most talented employees. They would rather stay at a company offering them this than go to another company offering them a higher salary. One way to encourage them to keep progressing is to make it easier for them to study and do assignments. You can reimburse tuition fees and give them paid study leave before exams.


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*Information for this article has been used from www.talentlyft.com

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