Developing Your Team


Your team is amazing. It works at the highest level of efficiency and reacts responsively at lightning speed in every situation. At times where additional effort is required, your team members step in and out of one another’s roles deftly and at a moment’s noticeā€¦ right?

If this is not an accurate description of your team right now, you’ll be encouraged to know that it could be very soon. Do you know what your team needs to grow?

Developing your team is an important part of your job, whether you’re a new team leader or an experienced manager. And it doesn’t apply only to new hires. People need training and support throughout their careers, both as individuals and as teams, to develop their skills and continue to work effectively.

If you work in a small or medium-sized organization, you may perform the roles of recruiter, trainer and team leader. As a manager, however, you are in a great position to know how your people work, to identify what training they need to perform better, and to work closely with HR or L&D to deliver the right training to the right people at the right time.

Our course Team working is specially designed for all levels of employees within a business and as part of the induction process for new employees. The course is also ideal for use as part of the onboarding process for every new person in your team, it includes all skills and behaviours needed for effective integration into the workplace

By the end of this course, delegates will have an understanding of team roles, individual behaviour in a team and how a cohesive, motivated, positive team working effectively produces better results.

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